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FC Spokane Program Overview

FC Spokane Programs have been created to provide the best environment possible to members of the Spokane soccer community. We implement proven developmental models based on the guidelines provided by the USSF. We use top class coaches who focus on individual technical player development.

The goal of FC Spokane is to offer soccer for life. Regardless of the level of play desired players, parents and coaches should be encouraged to stay involved. Our programs are setup to create clear pathways and every player who joins FC Spokane will have a plan that they can follow to achieve their soccer goals.

FC Spokane has partnered with the Spokane Junior Soccer Association (SJS) Valley Youth Soccer Association (VYS). This partnership allows the club to offer free training for up to 1500 recreational soccer players and free coaching education sessions for around 150 recreational coaches each year.

Premier Teams

The FC Spokane Academy Team program is the highest level program for boys and girls operated by FC Spokane and is exclusive to the club.

Select Teams

The FC Spokane Select Team Program is for the soccer player who wishes to participate in a high quality, developmental program with limited travel. We emphasize a more locally based approach with play at the select level through the PSPL Inland Northwest Copa Leagues. Time commitment is less than the premier program and travel consists of local leagues and tournaments. Select teams train twice a week and play in less tournaments than premier program teams. The program can still include training year round if desired. Players are placed on teams through the tryout process with criteria for selection being based on ability and commitment level.

Youth Development Program

FC Spokane has developed a club curriculum to assist FC Spokane coaches of our youngest ages and make their job a bit easier. We also offer special Academy training sessions for this age group in addition to regular practice.

Goalkeeper Academy

The FC Spokane Goalkeeping Academy is our own FREE in-house program used to develop sound goalkeeping principles and consistency throughout our club no matter which team our goalkeepers play on.

Northwest Training Academy

Northwest Training Academy provides additional Academy style training for our players. By incorporating this additional training, players with FC Spokane no longer need to seek additional training opportunities outside of the club. Premier Academy Players are given the opportunity to train with players throughout the club in a manner which creates a family atmosphere.

Community Soccer League

The Community Soccer League is a low cost, Indoor Program presented by FC Spokane and the Spokane Soccer Center. Available for players from 4 years of age thru 8th grade.