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Coaching Staff

FC Spokane is very proud of our coaching staff and we are constantly offering further education opportunities to our coaches. Developing inteligent soccer players is the primary goal for all FC Spokane coaches. Our coaches also play a huge part in the social development of every player in the club.

FC Spokane coaches must demonstrate good technical and tactical knowledge. We pride ourselves on providing a staff of quality, well-rounded individuals to be responsible leaders our players. Our coaches are expected to lead and set good examples on and off the field.

Briggs Anderson

Coach B00 & G05/06 Idaho

Ken Bliss

Coach G06

Ashley Brown

Coach B05

Matt Burnham

Coach G09

Sam Busse

Coach G07

Carey Calkins

Coach B05 Idaho

Carlos Camacho

Coach G04

Valentin Dimitrov

Coach B09

Gabe Escobar

Coach B06 Premier & G08

JJ Gass

Coach G10

Chris Jaklistch

Coach B08

Jessica Jameson

Coach G09 Idaho

Vlad Khashchuk

Coach B09

Justin Leach

Coach B08 Premier

Dave McGarity

Coach G06

Scott Mcluskie

Coach B09 Idaho

Andy Olson

Coach B08

Jeff Orwick

Coach G10 & G09

Ashley Rider

Coach B08A & B08B Idaho

Mike Sabota

Coach B08

Chad Salter

Coach G08

John Slack

Coach G04/05 & G07 Premier

Todd Slatter

Coach B09

Lynden Smithson

Coach B10

Douglas Sossaman

Coach B09 & B08

Dennis Strasser

Coach G09

Jeremy Stuart

Coach B08

Jeremy Triplett

Coach B00

Courtney Tucker

Coach G08 Idaho

Dino Valdez

Coach B07 Premier & B06

Blaze Vela

Coach B08 Premier

Jay Vela

Coach G06 Premier

Sean Zettle

Coach B03/04