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Assistant Coach Fundraising


FC Spokane is partnering with Assistant Coach Fundraising to provide a way for our members to raise money for their teams to cover tournament fees, travel costs, etc. by selling Gourmet Cookie Dough.

Assistant Coach Fundraising was started in 2018 by founder Zac Rockwell, who felt frustrated with how big fundraising companies work. 

"I believe that less overhead and fewer people give us agility as well as flexibility to serve teams, their parents and organizations better.  Our goal is to be your "assistant coach" during your sale.  Getting your group more money with less effort," says Rockwell.

Assistant Coach Fundraising serve 5 states, from the Canadian boarder all the way to Sacramento.

Assistant Coach Fundraising Questions

Assistant Coach Fundraising Questions

Current Fundraising Opportunities

WA State Cup 2019 - Fundraiser ended March 4th 

Goals: Sell 15 boxes of cookie dough and cover the $120 participation fee*, or sell 20 boxes to cover the $160 fee*.

Results: $5,592 raised for WA Cup participants

Top Sellers

- U13: Angel Bristlin - 92 boxes
- U12: Adam Woodbeck - 34 boxes
- U11: Alexis Simpson - 43 boxes
- U10: Kennedy Jeffries - 75 boxes

Congratulations to the winners, who will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Spokane Soccer Center Pro Shop!

The Cookie dough can be picked up from the Spokane Soccer Center on Friday, March 15th from 1-6 PM

How it Works

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