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About Us

FC Spokane is a youth soccer club affiliated with The Puget Sound Premier League and US Club Soccer. The club consists of Boys and Girls Premier and Select soccer teams. FC Spokane attracts highly qualified coaches and trainers who have an intense desire to develop players both as soccer athletes and as people.


The mission of FC Spokane is to promote the development of youth in the Spokane community through the participation of youth soccer. Our goal is to provide a positive environment which offers recreational, social and physical development for youth soccer players of all skill and ability levels. We are committed to providing participants with the opportunity to develop athletically and individually in a constructive, supportive and safe environment. FC Spokane encourages and promotes ethical and moral behavior, good sportsmanship, community involvement and good citizenship.


Under the direction of FC Spokane, youth athletes learn the imperative life skills of sportsmanship, mental toughness, self-discipline, commitment and proper work ethic through athletic competition. The team aspect encountered in training sessions and matches will provide opportunities for learning how to collaborate with diverse personalities and achieve proficiency in conflict resolution.

A direct product of the FC Spokane program is the development of leaders possessing pride, integrity, self-efficacy and "true" sportsmanship. Players are instilled with lifelong positive behaviors such as physical fitness, operating as a team player, creative problem solving and many more.

Through competition at the highest level of play and participation in high visibility tournaments, the dedicated athlete who wishes to compete at the collegiate level will be prepared to advance toward those opportunities. It is the direct aim of this youth soccer program to place as many FC Spokane soccer players into high school and college soccer programs as possible.

While there are many constructive reasons to participating in the FC Spokane program, a direct result of growth through this program is to create players who possess the necessary life skills to obtain future successes in the capacity of athletic competition and/or the professional work environment.

FC Spokane exists to provide opportunities for young soccer players to fulfill their potential by playing at the highest level of which they are capable. The players will train in a positive learning environment with dedicated and knowledgeable coaches who are able to share their expertise and passion for the game while setting exemplary standards of good sportsmanship and good citizenship. High academic standards are not only encouraged, but expected.

The FC Spokane vision is to:

  • Develop a curriculum and training environment for players to excel
  • Exemplify the highest standard of soccer club in which other clubs wish to replicate.
  • To be instantly recognizable by the quality of soccer played and the exemplary conduct of its players, coaches and parents.
  • To attract motivated, professional, talented coaches who have access to the best training aids and educational representatives at the college and professional level.
  • To create active players who give back to their communities through soccer-related and non-soccer related service.
  • To attract and encourage former highly successful players to return to the club to give back by building up the next generation.
  • To support and assist the greater Spokane and North Idaho areas in further developing soccer at all levels.